Thursday, December 20, 2012

What to do with your packaging peanuts?

In the midst of buying everything new for the Holidays, let's think of what we can create that doesn't use brand new materials.  There is SO MUCH around us that can be turned into something COOL.  Look at this for example:

Last year I ordered a few products and the box was full of packaging peanuts.  But not just any kind...this time it was a light mint color packaging peanuts;-)  You know me, I got instantly inspired by the COLOR.

I was thinking to myself I can't get myself to throw away this...there must be something I can make out of these!  

Since it was close to the Holidays I decided to make hanging decorations (pomander balls).  They turned out SO COOL!  I meant to post this right away (but I had no blog at that time) so here it is.  Hopefully you guys still have some packaging peanuts.  They come in all colors and shapes and sizes.  I have seen stark white, dirty white, pink...and yes...the very rare ones that are mint-ish color;-)
I added regular bigger size Christmas ornaments with the same ribbon (no bows on those) in between.

Here is what you need:

styrofoam ball
ribbon (satin or grosgrain ribbon)
packaging peanuts 
hot glue
hot glue sticks
something to attach it to the wall with: I used

Here is how you make it:

(sorry I wasn't documenting this)
1. first hot glue the ribbon on.  Leave it as long as you want depending on how low you want it to hang.  I picked a deep maroon/red ribbon that ended up looking AMAZING and very Christmas-like with my mint/light seafoam color packaging peanuts

2.  start gluing the packaging peanuts on the styrofoam ball.  I went all around and then just filled in the spots.  You can do a pattern or just do it randomly.  LOOK AT MY TWO different is more random and the other is way more "organized" looking.  Both look great!  most of the packaging peanuts can be squeezed into smaller spaces, so you should be fine.

3.  When I was done gluing (you will use a LOT of hot glue sticks!) I added a bow on the ribbon.  I did this by hot gluing the ribbon bow to the actual ribbon;-)  It just made it that much more festive to me.  (totally optional though)

4.  take your pushpin (or whichever method you want to use) and  attach it to the wall

5.  if you do not like the color of your packaging peanuts you can PAINT them or SPRAY PAINT them once you glued them on.  It will be still visible that it is recycled reused packaging peanuts and you can totally match your decor with it.

Hope you have fun doing it!

It is my second year of having them up and it still looks amazing!  I stored them in a plastic bin.  Intact;-)

Happy Holidays!

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