Sunday, August 4, 2013

how to take the best jumping silhouette picture with your iphone

ever wonder what the best way to capture you while jumping backed by a sunset (or light) is?  when your picture is just an amazing silhouette in front of the sunset?

we went to our local beach one evening and it just called for a sunset silhouette picture.  while I was doing my very best capturing my kids jumping before one of the most glorious sunsets I had very little luck getting the awesome image I was looking for.  either I was too early or too late for the big moment;-)

while my kids were getting frustrated with me having to jump 15 times for one image I had my 13-year-old beautiful adopted daughter for a month (house guest for a month;-) gave me a very trick little tip.  here is her brilliant way of quickly capturing the perfect jump:

what you need:
your iphone (I don't know what generation of iphone can do this, I have a 4S) NOTE: any phone that can take a screen shot/ screen image will work perfect
sunset (or light coming from the back of the person jumping)
yourself (photographer)
subject jumping;-)

here is what you do:
1.  the photographer faces the light (so the photographed subject's back is to the light)
2. you take a VIDEO of the person jumping
3.  you play the video and pause it at the jump
4. take a screen image or screen shot by pressing the top right button of your iphone and the menu button at the same time (it may not be called menu button but I mean the round button on the face of your phone- on the bottom)
5.  voila!  there is your awesome jumping picture!

here is ours;-)  or a couple of ours' ;-)


if you need help with your iphone just ask a teenager!

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  1. Thank you so much for such helping release. I found your blog post . I will definitely work on it. And give you my feedback.


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