Hi there! my name is Monika and I live in the beautiful San Diego area with my wonderful husband and two active boys. I split most of my time between my family and my creative bursts;-)

I'm so excited to be finally launching my web site and my own etsy shop where I can share my creative journey's creations with you. 

I taught myself to sew when I was 12. I enjoy creating whether it is making jewelry, painting, sewing, cooking, photography...you name it.  I love them all!  There is magic in witnessing raw materials turn into complete items by your hands.  And I love magic;-)  I am grateful I get to experience this process! (you will see a lot of this on this blog)

...and MINT oh yes!  my obsession!  Both the color mint and the herb mint.  A super cool friend of mine once called mint the "happy color" and I couldn't agree more with her!  I get so much joy out of taking a big sniff into a bunch of mint!  I have this same passion for creating!

MINT GOES WITH EVERYTHING!  ;-)  (just for the record: I loved mint way before it became the "it" color this season;-)

Thank you so much for visiting my site and I hope that you find something here that brings happiness into your life!  I would love to meet you here!


  1. You go Girl! Super cute site:-)

  2. Gorgeous christmas stockings! You are so inspiring Monika!(-: I can't wait to see what else you make...

  3. Hi Kincs, You are really creative.I love these stocking!<3


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