Saturday, October 15, 2016

cheetah print Christmas stocking perfect for all ages

WOW for this animal print (actually cheetah print) high heel Christmas stocking!

One of my sweet sweet customers, Kate designed this stocking.  I would have not even dreamed this idea up.  She was stern about having a Cheetah print stocking, gold name and how pink feather boa.  Bam!

Turned out so awesome that I listed it as a product in my Etsy shop.  And guess what: it was one of the most popular designs!!!  Thanks Kate!

Since then I had custom orders for different name colors and feather boa colors.  You can see some samples below.  Head on over to my Etsy shop and let's design a fun stocking for you or your loved one!


This is how it looks hanging on the mantle.  These are super well made and fit a lot of stocking stuffers.

Look at how awesome they look. 

I also made it with red feather boa.  A very different effect.  I LOVE how it turned out!!!  Stunning.

You will love these!

You can also find in my shop:

♥♥♥   dog Christmas stocking

♥♥♥   high heel Christmas stocking (in a lot of 
gorgeous colors)

♥♥♥   baby's first Christmas stocking (also available in a 
lot of gorgeous colors - pink  or lavender being the favorite for girls:)

♥♥♥  traditional shape Christmas stocking in sequin

♥♥♥ elf Christmas stocking

♥♥♥ bridal or just got married Christmas stocking (for Mr. and Mrs. or simply a 
white high heel stocking with veil for the future bride)

If you need some stocking stuffers head on over to my jewelry shop on Etsy and see how you can make someone (or yourself) really happy:)


  1. WOW, this cheetah print for Christmas will make the Christmas more amazing for us. I can't wait to buy full stock of this for my girls. Thank you


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