Saturday, October 15, 2016

personalized cat Christmas stocking - the cutest monogram stockings ever

I had a customer order one of my animal pet Christmas stockings for her CAT:)  So I decided to offer this cat Christmas stocking with a regular animal paw print and also with a cat claw paw print.

You can always convo me though my Etsy shop my shop here  and let me know if you have a custom idea in mind or if we can match your Christmas Holiday theme.

You will love these!

You can also find in my shop:

♥♥♥   dog Christmas stocking

♥♥♥   high heel Christmas stocking (in a lot of 
gorgeous colors)

♥♥♥   baby's first Christmas stocking (also available in a 
lot of gorgeous colors - pink  or lavender being the favorite for girls:)

♥♥♥  traditional shape Christmas stocking in sequin

♥♥♥ elf Christmas stocking

♥♥♥ bridal or just got married Christmas stocking (for Mr. and Mrs. or simply a 
white high heel stocking with veil for the future bride)


Here are the cat Christmas stockings- as mentioned above (sorry I got carried away with all the goodies I have in the shop):


  1. OMG!! These socks are so cute.. I wish to go back in my past when I was a baby so that these socks could suit me. Love them.


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