Saturday, October 15, 2016

cheetah print Christmas stocking perfect for all ages

WOW for this animal print (actually cheetah print) high heel Christmas stocking!

One of my sweet sweet customers, Kate designed this stocking.  I would have not even dreamed this idea up.  She was stern about having a Cheetah print stocking, gold name and how pink feather boa.  Bam!

Turned out so awesome that I listed it as a product in my Etsy shop.  And guess what: it was one of the most popular designs!!!  Thanks Kate!

Since then I had custom orders for different name colors and feather boa colors.  You can see some samples below.  Head on over to my Etsy shop and let's design a fun stocking for you or your loved one!


This is how it looks hanging on the mantle.  These are super well made and fit a lot of stocking stuffers.

Look at how awesome they look. 

I also made it with red feather boa.  A very different effect.  I LOVE how it turned out!!!  Stunning.

You will love these!

You can also find in my shop:

♥♥♥   dog Christmas stocking

♥♥♥   high heel Christmas stocking (in a lot of 
gorgeous colors)

♥♥♥   baby's first Christmas stocking (also available in a 
lot of gorgeous colors - pink  or lavender being the favorite for girls:)

♥♥♥  traditional shape Christmas stocking in sequin

♥♥♥ elf Christmas stocking

♥♥♥ bridal or just got married Christmas stocking (for Mr. and Mrs. or simply a 
white high heel stocking with veil for the future bride)

If you need some stocking stuffers head on over to my jewelry shop on Etsy and see how you can make someone (or yourself) really happy:)

personalized cat Christmas stocking - the cutest monogram stockings ever

I had a customer order one of my animal pet Christmas stockings for her CAT:)  So I decided to offer this cat Christmas stocking with a regular animal paw print and also with a cat claw paw print.

You can always convo me though my Etsy shop my shop here  and let me know if you have a custom idea in mind or if we can match your Christmas Holiday theme.

You will love these!

You can also find in my shop:

♥♥♥   dog Christmas stocking

♥♥♥   high heel Christmas stocking (in a lot of 
gorgeous colors)

♥♥♥   baby's first Christmas stocking (also available in a 
lot of gorgeous colors - pink  or lavender being the favorite for girls:)

♥♥♥  traditional shape Christmas stocking in sequin

♥♥♥ elf Christmas stocking

♥♥♥ bridal or just got married Christmas stocking (for Mr. and Mrs. or simply a 
white high heel stocking with veil for the future bride)


Here are the cat Christmas stockings- as mentioned above (sorry I got carried away with all the goodies I have in the shop):

the best personalized monogram dog Christmas stocking- so stinkin' cute!

The first year I made Christmas stockings in my Etsy shop I had a gentleman buying a high heel Christmas stocking for his wife (first of have got to give him a hi five for doing that!  I am sure his wife did.  He bought my sequin high heel Christmas stocking for her.  It's this one:  high heel Christmas stocking  )  He likes his purchase so much that he asked me if I could make Christmas stockings for his 4 dogs.  HOW SWEET!  I couldn't say no, of course!  He wanted small stockings for them and couldn't find any that he liked.  He and I together designed 4 black dog stockings for him for his 4 black gods.  He loved them AND I I LOVED THE IDEA.


That is how these little Christmas stockings for pets were born.  For the past couple of years I made them in multiple different color combinations but mostly in this paw print fabric as it turns out darling every time!!!

They are 11" tall (FYI a standard Christmas stocking -at least mine are- is 18" tall.  So these will accurately display your little darling friend's size:)


Pink for your small dog with her girlie personality:)  So many dog owners can identify with this!

pink glitter paw print and name with pink feather boa = perfection for your lil best friend

                                   Here is an order with 4 girl doggies.  so much cuteness!

                        Some more awesome color combinations for your small dog Christmas stockings




I just added a different design with a dog bone if you prefer that over the paw print.  Matching the color of the name.  What dog doesn't love bones?!


What do my customers have to say about these darling dog Christmas stockings:


"So cute!!! My son and his girlfriend love it. Again, surprised by how fast it arrived and the personal contact with Monika. Will definitely shop with Monika again!"

"We decided to surprise my 4 year old with a puppy for Christmas,and I thought a stocking would be cute for her to see first. It was late notice and I emailed Monic and she got it done that day and shipped it to me. She made my daughters Christmas more special!! Thank you!!"

"This stocking was so cute as seen in the picture. It's even nicer in person!!! It's beautiful and nicely made. It's a good size too. I can tell it was made with lots of love. Monika was very responsive to my convos and willing to accommodate my requests. I received my stocking in 2 days!!! That was awesome since I couldn't wait to receive it to fill it for my furball Princess Nala for her first Christmas :) I will definitely enjoy using this stocking for my pom for many years. :) I couldn't be happier!!! :)"

"Absolutely adorable Christmas stockings!! Great quality!!!"


Monday, November 16, 2015

Zebra print Christmas stocking, animal print stocking. What color goes best with it for a festive Christmas?

I just did an experiment to see which color feather boa looked best on a zebra print Christmas stocking.  I think it has to be the red one:)  What do you think?

zebra print Christmas stocking with red 

zebra print Christmas stocking with white/silver

zebra print Christmas stocking with bleck

zebra print Christmas stocking with hot pink

zebra print Christmas stocking with soft pink

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Quick paper wreath- in a color you can't resist

Our wreath recently decided it had enough and fell off out door;-(  I bought a few wreath forms before so this was a great time to dust it off and put it to good use.

My problem is TIME.  I didn't want to spend too much time on this project.  I plan on making a new one when I feel like I can spend a bit more time on it, but I think it is a fun one in the meantime.  

I did some "shortcuts" with this project and I will tell you what these are...if you have the time I recommend you do it the right way just for its longevity.  I just wanted some color on our door for now:)

(I know my door needs painted.  Excuse the imperfections)

I will make a felt wreath very soon but I like this quick paper wreath with its gorgeous color for now.

Shortcut#1: You can use the book pages as is (not painted) and it will make your project faster!  I, however had to take the longer route here because I am in love with this color.

Here is what I used for this project:

$0 (I picked one up from the local library's giveaway shelf a while ago for free)  I used about 15-20 pages so don't think you need a think book like this:)

Wreath form.
I used the straw one because that is what I had at home.  Mine is the 14" one.  Next time I will go for a bigger one.  I like a more substantial wreath.

Acrylic paint
I used this Martha Stewart one in Beach Glass.  Gorgeous color.

Thumb tacks
I ONLY used these because that is what I had at home.  You can buy longer sequin pins or wreath pins in the craft stores and those will work better!  These thumb tacks are way too short.  The paper sticks much better if you have a longer pin.
TIP: to make it last as long as possible I will use the pin AND glue gun next time.  It does take a bit longer but I will go the extra time for it to last a long time.

$0 (I had this at home but the dollar store sells something like this so at most this will coat you $1)
Depending on your style you can either use twine (which is what I used) or a satin ribbon...or anything of your choosing.  I used this:

If you add up the prices of the supplies we are at: $6.99  Not too bad.

Here is the quick process of how I made it:

1.  I tore the pages of the book out

2.  I painted the book pages (one side only).  I wasn't very careful.  I deliberately didn't cover the entire page.  The words were showing and I didn't go all the way out to the edges.  You see that some of the petals have missing paint- but I like it that way.  It adds to its rustic-ness.
KIDS: you can do this with your kids.  They will love the paint job:)

3.  I let the pages dry.  Well...not fully.  I am way too impatient to let them dry fully so I admit they were a little damp when I did this next step...

4.  I first wanted to go with the bay leaf shape petals, but then decided to go with the round petals instead.

decided not to go with this.  I am showing it in case you want to go with this shape.  This is the shape you would cut and you can use the same technique I did here:
 5.  This is the shape I went with:

 and here is how I cut them so it is faster:

I put 2-3 pages together.  

I folded them in half length-wise:

then I folded them in half again (length-wise)

6.  depending on how big you want your circles to be (mine were about 1.75" in diameter) you will cut this strip into squares.  I had enough space for 3 squares.

then I rounded off the edges.  it is OK if your circles are not uniform.  If you do want them to be uniform in size and shape then just use a round object and trace it then cut it.  or better yet: use a hole puncher if you have one.  I just cut it about the same.  About is the key word here.

I didn't cut them all at once because I didn't know how many circles I needed.  I just kept cutting more as I needed them.  I didn't count them but the tacks had 300 pieces in them and looks like I used around half of them or maybe a bit more (so around 150-170):

7. I tied the string on the wreath form:

8. and started putting the circles on in a row:

 I admit I am the worst at following recipes to the T so that translated into this as well.  I deviated from the perfect row pattern but it still worked out ok.

just keep going round and round.  It doesn't take that much time.

at the end just try to fit in the circles in the missing areas and reach under the petals to put the tacks in.

Then hang your creation and admire it.

details: see how the paint isn't even and it is still ok.  The possibilities are endless with colors!!!!!!!

This took abut 1 hour.  Again you can make yours faster if you don't want to paint the book pages:)  But who can resist this yummy mint color?!

Enjoy!  I will definitely make more wreaths!  I'll post them as I do them (hope I won't forget to take pictures)

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