Sunday, October 28, 2012


This tutorial is so easy and looks so nice!!!  I saw these picture frames at high end stores and they cost a lot of money.  So I experimented...and it worked.  

[click on any picture to enlarge for more detail]


picture frame (my frame is from Michaels $1)
black acrylic paint
color acrylic paint (depending on the look you are going for)
GUESS what color I prefer;-) (hint: mint)
paper towel


1.  smudge black acrylic paint on the frame.  I used a paper towel
and saturated it with the paint.  Just smear it on doesn't matter 
what pattern- it won't showMake sure you smear some on the sides.

 2.  wait till it dries!!!!!!!  Important step!  I did one where I didn't
wait and it ended up not so nice!  So wait;-)

3.  Open your choice of acrylic color.  I did several colors.  Well...of is 
my very favorite one!  I think it looks best with the weathered, barnwood look!
Put streaks of paint (not too much) on the frame and with your dry brush 
start painting over the black.  Sort of as if you wanted to cover it, but don't do a good
job covering it;-)  Let the edges be barely covered.

4.  Don't forget to cover the sides (if you want you can do the back as well.
Makes it more finished.

Here it is in soft yellow:

and off white:

and turquoise:
[see how my sides are also covered]

and MINT:

It is so easy you can have it as a project with your small kids.  They can smear the black paint on 
the picture frame;-)

Here are the 4 colors I made this in next to each other:


This barnwood style, rustic weathered picture frame tutorial is fun!  I ended up wanting to "weather" all our picture frames with mint;-))



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