Sunday, October 28, 2012


styrofoam ball
hot glue gun
lots of hot glue sticks

1.  collect a lot of acorns
2. wash them and let them dry
3. put them in the oven on low (250) for 15-20 minutes.
this kills all the critters/eggs in it.  Watch it in the 
oven (don't let them "pop".  let them cool.
4.  paint the styrofoam ball either brown or red or any
color that hides the ball.  You will not be able to
cover every tiny spot on the ball so this darker color
will blend in with the acorns
5.  start hot gluing them on the ball (NOTICE on my pictures that
I originally wanted to make this into a HANGING BALL/ acorn pomander ball
(hence the red ribbon I first glued on) BUT these end up
really HEAVY when done (which I realized mid project and 
removed the ribbon).  
6.  cover every spot on the ball.  You are done!  Enjoy!

  P.S.: You could paint/spray paint this any color you want if you want it to
match your home decor, but I liked it all natural the best!

Here are some pictures of the project:

acorns after coming out of the oven

acorns close up.  see some of them did pop open a bit on the bottom
some did more and you just toss them.

don't be confused by my ribbon.  I wanted to make this into an acorn pomander ball
but it was too heavy, so I removed the ribbon before I finished.  (sorry it ended up on all the pics;-(

at this point you will notice it getting heavy!!! are done! (see how the red styrofoam shows through?  I suggest you paint yours brown
to match the acorns better.  (btw it is not as obvious in real life.  here I used flash and you
can see it much more than when it's on my shelf;-)


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