Sunday, October 21, 2012

inspiration- my very own "stone age" pinterest;-)

Many many years ago I started collecting images and cut outs of magazines that gave me any sort of inspiration.  These were mostly cloths and hairstyles.  I collected them in a thick yellow notebook.

My husband was always joking that he needed to replace my yellow book with a nice brand new one where I can continue my style inspirations...but I could not let go of my beloved book.  It had been with me for over 10 years by then!!!  (I wish I had a picture of my sweet book, it was like a dear friend to me)  Then when there were no more blank pages in it I had to move on.  Moving on is always hard;-)

I now have two large ring binders full of collages.  It has been my own Pinterest.  My kids can't figure out why I find so much joy cutting magazines to pieces and putting them in my book.  They think it is the weirdest habit and seems boring to them.

Again a very long time ago I started doing the same thing digitally (my very own digital Pinterest).  I have thousands!!! of pictures of craft inspirations, pictures of cloths, jewelry, hair styles and home decoration. I take screen shots of images, colors, color combos...anything that I "can't live without" or strikes a chord in my heart and organize them in folders.

I will feature many of them here.  I will also import them all (ok, maybe just the BEST ones, since I have thousands) into my Pinterest page.

Hoping you will too find some inspiration with these!

Here are just a few examples of my dream style:

[PLEASE NOTE: I love love giving credit to people.  I collected these for my own inspiration.  Some of them a very long time ago and I did not record the source.  If any of these amazing creations are your very own, please let me know and I will give you the appropriate credit for it!  And in the meantime...THANK YOU for inspiring me!!!]

This has the same Free People sequin top (as the bottom layer) as I have and this is such a cute way to display it.   If I could afford I would dress in all Free People cloths!!!

This is so simple and I LOVE LOVE lace!  I want to make this!  I will feature this in the DIY section when I do.  I will put a link here so you can follow.
This is one of my all time favorites from Free People.  I first clipped this picture years ago from a source and put it in my sweet yellow book.  At that time I didn't know it was free people, but then years later I found it.  Daaah.  Totally free people.  I clipped this picture for the sweet detail on the tank part.  Love it!
I promise NOT ALL my inspiration comes from free people.  This one does;-) lol  I took a screen shot of this because I bought some yellow sweatshirt fabric and I was wondering what style of sweatshirt I should make...and I just couldn't resist falling in love with this!

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