Thursday, October 18, 2012

introducing the DIVA high heel Christmas stockings

[DIVA- gold and red with high heels, GLAMOUR- pink]
I have been working so hard on making these available on my web site!  (on my web site that did not even exist an hour ago)  I am so excited that I finally got to a point to put up pictures and share with you how I ended up making these high heel Christmas stockings.

First, I started out with making the regular boot shaped Christmas stockings with sequin fabric (you can see it in the middle, the pink one with the name Carol on it).  My amazing friend asked me to make one for her sweet daughter last year (2011).  So I did and she really liked it.  At that point I knew I wanted to make it available to other little girls because what little princess does not like sequins? lol  I am calling these GLAMOUR Christmas stockings because they do add glitz and sparkle to ordinary stockings.  They look amazing even in a dim lit room because they reflect the smallest bit of light and sparkle so nicely.

Then I immediately thought that I wanted to make these in a way that big girls (that's us, mommies;-) would like it.  That's when the idea of high heels came to me.  I have never seen a high heel Christmas stocking anywhere and thought that coupled with the sequin fabric it would be just perfect.  A high heel, stiletto, sequin personalized Christmas stocking! Wow!

I had this idea last year at Christmas (2011) time so it was too late for me to start making these. did take me almost a year to finally make a web site to showcase them...but I did it!!!

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  1. I like the high heels on ,my wife always buy heels on it.It’s so fashion and beautiful.


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