Monday, October 22, 2012


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I love myself some nice deep red color.  Home is very very important to me.
I wanted to make a wall art by combining these two.

old canvas painting
hot glue (for added texture)
stencils (you can make them)
hard angled small brush (to be precise around the letters)
bigger brush (on open areas)
off white acrylic pain
red acrylic paint (or any other color of your choice)

1.  I got a canvas painting from my neighbor (thanks Billy) with an Asian 
inspired boat on a lake.  (you can buy one in a thrift store or at
a garage sale to help landfill.  If all a blank canvas.

2.  I painted over the design with off white acrylic paint.

3.  The original design had a texture to it which I thought was cool 
so I added some more texture by dripping, streaking hot glue on it then I 
painted it over with off white. You can see this texture up close.

4.  I designed the word home in power point just because my word 
document did not allow me to print it out as big as I wanted.

5.  I printed out the word (each letter took up a whole sheet of 8 1/2 x 11) 
and cut it out (yes, by hand)

6.  I drew a straight line on the canvas where I wanted the bottom of the letters
 to line up and then lined up the letters as I wanted them to look.

 7.  I traced the letters with a pencil.  I knew I was going to paint over it so it 
was OK to use regular pencil.

8.  I started painting it red.  I went around the letter with a small hard brush 
to define the edges which took some time, but I was free once I got far 
away enough from my letters.

9.  And just keep painting, just keep painting...;-)  I did about 3 coats.  
Wait till it fully dries between new coats.  And here it is:

Do NOT worry about small imperfections.  They add character.  Mine has slight color differences some due to the texture but I love it!

HINT:  feel free to cheat the fully handmade process and save yourself a ton of time by cutting out the letters with your cutting machine (cricut, silhouette or Sizzix or whichever you have) on VINYL.  That way you can stick the vinyl on the painting and paint over it.  MAKE SURE your base coat is fully dry before you stick vinyl on it (otherwise it will come off)

To me it is a bit therapeutic to have to slow down and fully invest myself into that moment and focus (on not smearing the paint into the white space);-)

I will take a picture of it on my wall and post it later!

Have fun making it!

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